Apni Laundry

Mohali, Punjab, India
November 1, 2021
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About Business:

Apni Laundry is the first introducer of wet cleaning system in Tri-city Chandigarh, Wet cleaning system includes washing, Dry Cleaning and Finishing of delegate Garments with world's advance equipments.

We are using Water as base for an effective and ecological fibers' detersion and regenerating process. As you know that The dangerous chemicals such as PERC (Normally used by all service providers in India while dry-cleanening your cloths) are not only harmful for our health and that of our children, pets and our environment. We are exposed to PERC via our skin when wearing clothes which it has been used on. We also risk exposure through air and water, which it gets into via the dry cleaning process.

Wet cleaning technology used by Apni Laundry removes this risk of exposure to toxic perchloroylene and other harmful Chemicals. It also has the associated benefits of resulting in a soft, fresher garment, which has been treated in a more gentle, caring way. Wet cleaning has been used for decades in the US and France, where PERC is banned, as well as some other European countries.

At Apni Laundry we use an user friendly, Ecological, harmless process of wet cleaning. We use biodegradable, health-friendly, non toxic detergents instead of the toxic and potentially carcinogenic PERC used by traditional dry cleaners.

Apni Laundry is providing Free Pick and Drop Facility at your doorstep with special packing for your delicate and daily wears according to your requirement.

The technology used by Apni Laundry is Woolmark approved and has been recognized as safe by Hohenstein Institute Germany meaning there by the your valuable garments are safe in our hands as of yours even after multiple washing.

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