3 Best Cafes In Panchkula To Sit, Chill, and Work: Work From Cafe

Top 3 Cafes in Panchkula You Can Work From

Bored working from home? Want a change?
It has been more than a year since employees have not seen their workplaces (the majority of them). Millions of workers who used to commute to work every day have to convert their apartments into offices. Some might find it comfortable but for some work from home, schedules have turned into boredom. Other reasons behind looking for alternatives to work from home can be to avoid distractions, laziness, an undisciplined schedule, less interaction with people, and much more.

But, thanks to the work-friendly coffee shops who came as saviours in these hard times. The pandemic has solidified the relationship between coffee and work. Coffee shops are not just a workplace for writers or a place for intellectual activists or artists to exchange their ideas. Now, it has become a working space for all. With the increasing WFH trend, workers especially the youth without families always look for ways to escape their cramped apartments to remain productive and have fun at the same time. For that purpose, “best cafe to work from near me” can be a helpful search then.

As you are looking for the best cafes in Panchkula to sit and work, here are the options you can go for.

Cafe Owling

Dreamy, romantic, and comfortable workstations!

That’s how we can describe this place. A newly started outlet by young entrepreneurs who have designed it beautifully with love. There are a lot of reasons why we are keeping it at the top of our list of best cafes in Panchkula to sit, chill, and work amid the pandemic. It offers
Comfortable seating,
Soothing ambience,
Good WiFi,
Multiple power ports, and
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Additionally, they’ll also please you with the excellent white noise and it is one of the best open space cafes in Panchkula. So, you can sit, relax, and soak up the sun.
Doesn’t it sound perfect?

Other than being the best cafe for work in Panchkula, there are some other reasons which make it the best place to hangout in Panchkula. The place is also known for some lip-smacking food and drinks. And guess what! Cafe Owling is 24*7 open. So, this decent place is a boon for your midnight craving or late-night gedi snacks. We don’t know whether the next thing we are about to tell you will work for your search but it’ll surely add one more reason to love that place. The cafe is at the backside of a supermarket called Fat Dad. So, not just workstation, food, and drinks, the place cater to your grocery and other daily needs too.

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Not to make you wait longer, Cafe Owling is located in Sector 10 (opposite bus stand), Panchkula, Haryana.

Falcon Cafe Lounge

If your mind is craving for a soothing and refreshing ambience, Falcon Cafe Lounge is the place in Panchkula to work from. The cafe is spacious with serene flooring, comfortable furniture, fully equipped with the amenities with bright yellow-blue decor and a whimsical setup. The place is meant for workaholics who want to get rid of mundane surroundings. It is an all-day fine dining ultra-luxe cafe where you can have fun, work, and enjoy live music too if that’s needed.

Falcon Cafe Lounge will surely revitalise your senses and reflect positive vibes into your bloodstream. Other than freshly brewed coffee, the cafe also serves cuisine including Indian, Italian, Multi Cuisine and Thai. It is located in Sector-16, Panchkula, Haryana. Know more on, alcohol use warnings


Almost all of you are aware of the name “Starbucks”. We don’t have to write much for it as the brand and its years of service speak for itself. The coffee lovers in Panchkula got lucky to please their taste buds as Starbucks has opened a coffee shop in Panchkula also. It is located in Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana.

It is a perfect amalgamation of cafe and co-working space. We’ll not be wrong to call it an ideal space for work from a cafe. Starbucks has an aesthetically designed ambience, a soothing vibe, wonderfully courteous staff, and obviously the most phenomenal coffee. So, this can be one of the peaceful places to sit and work in Panchkula.


We hope that all the aforementioned options for the best work-friendly cafes in Panchkula will be helpful for you to find the suitable work environment that you’ve been looking for. Our motive is to help you get the best around you without any waste of time. Because you and your time is precious to us.

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